Let’s get to work. Shaping, waxing, tweezing, trimming, tinting — whatever you need for brow perfection. Yes, it’s possible. It starts with a personalised consultation with a brow specialist and ends with brows that feel and look like you. Returning appointments must be attended within 12 weeks.

Alison Jade
  • First Visit $110
  • Returning $100

Brow Specialist

  • First Visit $80
  • Returning $70

Senior Stylist

  • First Visit $75
  • Returning $65

Brow Stylist

  • First Visit $70
  • Returning $60

Looking for a love that lasts a little longer? We’ll start with a colour and shape consultation, followed by waxing, tweezing, and trimming. Then comes the fun bit: applying the tint to your brows. Henna creates a powdered stain that lasts 4-7 days on skin, 3-5 weeks on brow, while Dye lasts 4-6 weeks. We’ll help you choose the right one for you — and your booked out social calendar.

Alison Jade $110

Brow Specialist $90

Senior Stylist $85

Brow Stylist $80

Wild brows, prepare to be tamed. Our Brow Lift softens unruly brows, leaving them full and fluffy. Includes a Brow Makeover, doesn’t include being hand-fed grapes (but we think it feels just as luxurious). Your brow artist will advise if this treatment is beneficial for you. Our lifts last 4-6 weeks.

Alison Jade $199

Brow Specialist $165

Senior Stylist $140

Brow Stylist $120


For a little more definition where it matters. Our lash tints instantly give your eyes more depth and oomph. Lasts up to 6 weeks.

Lash Specialist $30

Our signature lash tint, with the added boost from a collagen treatment to reduce under-eye bags, puffiness, and fine lines. The only bags you’re carrying are Prada.

Lash Specialist $40

Lash Specialist $40

You’ve got the goods, now let’s show them off. Our specialists use silicon moulds to lift and curl — consider us your lash personal trainer. We instantly lift from the roots for naturally long lashes. Treatment includes a lash tint that keeps them looking thicker too. Lasts 6-8 weeks.

Brow Specialist $130

Senior Stylist $120

Brow Stylist $115

  • Lip Wax $20
  • Chin Wax $20
  • Side of Face $20
  • Nasal Wax $15

Level up on our Lash Lift. It’s our signature treatment inclusive of Lash Tint, plus an added keratin treatment applied at the end to nourish your naturally longer and thicker lashes.

Lash Specialist $150

Want something a little more permanent? We’ll first assess if you’re a suitable candidate for tattooing then discuss individual style to suit you, the procedure, results, and aftercare.

Alison Jade $110
Tattoo Specialist $70

Our semi-permanent crowd pleaser. This treatment adds hair like strokes, volume, and texture to perfect the shape of your brow. We use a micro-blade to mimic real hair strokes. We’ll individually customise your tattoo, keeping it natural and beautiful. Includes a 4-6 week review appointment.

Alison Jade $1195

Tattoo Specialist from $695

If fullness is what you’re after, we’re at your service. Our semi-permanent technique shades the brow to shape a soft and natural fullness. Look like you’ve spent 10 minutes on your brows in the morning, when really, you woke up like this. Includes a 4-6 review appointment.

Alison Jade $1300

Tattoo Specialist $895

Want to have your cake and eat it too? Our Combo Tattoo combines our Feather Touch and Ombre techniques. It involves a soft powder ombre technique to create shape, followed by natural feather touch hair strokes for a natural fullness. Includes a 4-6 week review appointment.

Alison Jade $1300

Tattoo Specialist from $795

Our semi-permanent brows are low-maintenance, not no maintenance. We do annual touch ups between 6-12 months to refresh your tattoo shape, colour, and definition. It’s always a treat to see you.Alison Jade from $450

Tattoo Specialist from $300

Our tight eyeliner tattooing involves tattooing semi-permanent pigment between your lashes to darken your lash line. The result? Subtle lash enhancement and defined eyes. Look done, even if you woke up 5 minutes ago. Top liner only.

Alison Jade $800

Tattoo Specialist $450

New makeup is always an indulgence. Our team of makeup artists will help you figure out if you’re more Sweet Almond of Vanilla Creme, which eyeshadow palette to add to cart, and which illuminator will leave you the most, well, illuminated.

Makeup Artist $50

So, your sister’s husband’s best friend is getting married. Congratulations! We’ve got the perfect makeup look for that. Our makeup artists will create your personalised beauty look to match any event. Includes a full face of makeup plus lashes.Makeup Artist $90 ($45 redeemable on product)

Want to learn how to contour, make your lips look fuller without filler, or what baking is? (No, we’re not making cakes. Although it can look cakey if you’re not careful.) Our in house makeup artists will take you through the latest and greatest tips and tricks, suited to you.


($100 redeemable on product)

Get ready for the full Alison Jade experience. It’s an evening of expertise, tips and tricks, makeup demonstrations, and sparkling, of course. Perfect for hens nights, birthdays celebrations, or a much needed pamper session with your BFFs.$150pp

Minimum 4 attendees